Georgia's  Fastest  Appliance Removal Service

**Covid-19 Alert** EFFECTIVE March 13, 2020- All appliance removals will be curbside or garage pickup unless instructed otherwise by company rep only due to the outbreak and widespread of coronavirus.  If living in apartments or townhomes, or condominiums leave appliances outside of the door or inside by the door of your apartments or townhomes unless instructed otherwise.  Stay home, Stop the spread, Save lives!


All scheduled pickups are non-refundable, unless cancellation request is on the same date/day of booking service.  All pickups are non-refundable on attempted pickups.  This ensures GA Scrap prices are kept low and the high demand is met for All customers.  All customers regardless of race, creed, descendants, family, friends, relatives. and/or business or businesses are agreeing to our terms upon booking to our website.

Forms completed by customers for appliance removals should have the items or appliances listed during the time of booking.  Any additional appliances or items added may result in NO additional pickup or additional charges may apply.  This ensures GA Scrap prices are kept low and proper vehicle measurements to ensure proper pickup by the right vehicle. (PLEASE LIST ALL ITEMS UPON BOOKING)

Customers that want to reschedule will have to contact Customer Service within 24 hours of scheduled pickup. GA Scrap will only attempt 2nd request for rescheduled pickup within the next recurring week. No exceptions!!!

When rescheduling, customer is allowed 1 calendar week from pick-up day for any re-attempt pick-up please be advised.  Customers must leave appliances in front of the home once GA Scrap has confirmed scheduled time of pickup by notifying the customer of an estimated time with a 30min call ahead from GA Scrap via text and or email.

All appliances must be visible and located near the following approved areas upon booking: Garage Area, In front of Garage(No Steep/High or Low Driveway-must be flat), by front door or top of driveway near curbside.  GA Scrap will charge an additional fee for any items being removed in backyard, basements areas, or inside customers home.  Additional fees will apply for flight or flights of stairs or if appliances are not disconnected.  This includes, washer dryers, refrigerators and water lines, stoves, and dishwashers. 

GA Scrap will not be responsible nor refund customer’s for items taken away from the customer’s property by any additional outside parties. Customers should not leave appliances separate from initial pickup location to avoid any items being left, (additional charge may apply.)  

Customers who have rental properties must leave lockbox or Garage code information and location of where items are being kept.  If lockbox information or garage code is not available and the location of items are not available during the time of pickup, GA Scrap will not be responsible nor refund customer on any attempted pickups Period.

If GA Scrap contacts any Customers and they do not respond to call once driver arrives, he/she will not wait any longer than 10 minutes to extend service to Customers.  If Customers do not respond or are not at the location during the time of pickup, GA Scrap will not be responsible nor refund customer on any attempted pickups.  

Photos will be taken of property and submitted in to customer service for valid proof that drivers went out to client locations.  GA Scrap will not return to any customers home once initial pickup has been attempted.  If customers are not home during the time of pickup or if items are not available GA Scrap will not be responsible nor refund customer on any attempted pickups.  Customer will have to re-book an appointment and repay.  

Customers that wish to cancel on the same day of booking service must follow the refund cancellation process listed below.

If you are Requesting a Same Day Refund you will need to submit a refund request by e-mail to [email protected] the same day of booking service and contact customer service to confirm.  Please provide your name and address with transaction id provided upon booking purchase.  (There will be no exceptions.) This information helps you and GA Scrap keep your pick-up prices and disposals fees at the lowest cost period!   All customers receiving a refund will be charged 28% for card processing fee.  All refunds will be issued within NET 15 Business Day(s) from the date of approved cancellation. 

IE: Processed amount $34.00  Processing fee $9.52   Refund $24.48

    Processed amount $35.00   Processing fee $9.80  Refund $25.20

    Processed amount $50.00   Processing fee $14.00  Refund $36.00