**Covid-19 Alert** EFFECTIVE March 13, 2020- All appliance removals will be curbside pickup only due to the outbreak and widespread of coronavirus.  Stay home, Stop the spread, Save lives.


All pickups are non-refundable within 24 hours of scheduled next day pickup. All pickups are non-refundable on same day pickups.  All pickups are non-refundable on attempted pickups.  Clients should not leave appliances in front of their home until they have received a 30min call ahead from GA Scrap. GA Scrap will not be responsible nor refund customer’s for items taken away from the customer’s property by any additional outside parties. Client should not leave appliances separate from initial pickup location to avoid any items being left, (additional charge may apply.)  If you are Requesting a Refund you will need to submit a refund request by e-mail to [email protected] within 48 hours of your pick-up date scheduled.  There will be no exceptions. This information helps you and GA Scrap keep your pick-up prices and disposals fees at lowest cost period!   All customers receiving a refund will be charged 28% for card processing fee. 

IE:Processed amount $34.00  Processing fee $9.52   Refund $24.48

   Processed amount $35.00   Processing fee $9.80  Refund $25.20